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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I fined for false alarms?

False alarms are very costly and take police officers away from responding to actual emergency situations. On January 16, 2008, Pleasant Hill enacted Ordinance 9.20.  This ordinance requires Pleasant Hill private property owners and business owners with alarm systems to obtain and maintain an annual permit and reimburse the City for excessive false alarm activity.

Q. Are false alarms a problem?

Yes, they are. Across the nation, the growth of alarm system ownership has resulted in a tremendous amount of false alarms. The response to false alarms has created an additional burden on our law enforcement agencies. Nationwide, approximately 99% or more of all the burglar alarms police respond on are false.

Q. When is an alarm considered a "false alarm"?

False alarm means an alarm dispatch request to the police department when the situation or activation of the alarm system does not require a police response or when the responding officer finds no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense after having completed a standard investigation of the alarm site.

Q. How much does an alarm system permit cost?

All permits are valid from January 1st - December 31st. The annual renewal fee is $37.00.The cost to register a new alarm permit is prorated by month, and the fees are as follows: 

 Jan $72 Jul $42
 Feb $67 Aug $37
 Mar $62 Sep $32
 Apr $57 Oct $27
 May $52 Nov $22
 June $47 Dec$17
Q. How often do I have to renew my permit and is there a cost to renew my permit?

Alarm permits must be renewed every year by January 15th. All permits expire on December 31st. You will receive a letter and invoice mailed to the address on file thirty days before the permit is set to expire. The cost to renew your permit is $37. 

Q. Do I need an alarm permit?

If you have an alarm system, you are required under Pleasant Hill Ordinance 9.20 to have an alarm permit. If you have multiple monitored alarm systems, a permit is required for each alarm.

An Alarm System includes, but is not limited to, hardwired systems and systems interconnected by radio frequency which, when activated, emit a sound or light or transmit a remote, local, visual, or electronic signal or message that is intended to summon a law enforcement response to such location. An alarm system may be manual or automatic.

Q. I bought a home with an alarm system already installed. Am I required to have an alarm permit for my new home?

Yes. Anytime there is a change in ownership of the alarm system, a new alarm permit is required.

Q. If I move do I have register for a new alarm permit?

Yes. Anytime there is a change in ownership of the alarm system, a new alarm permit is required.

Q. Where do the alarm service fees go?

The fees are used to offset the City's administrative costs of the program.

Q. What does the City hope to accomplish by enforcing the false alarm ordinance?

The City wants to substantially reduce the number of false alarms that the police department respond to.

Q. What are the fines associated with false alarms?

False alarm (FA) activations within a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st) will result as follows: 

FA ActivationCost
1 - 2 $0.00
 3 $143.00
 4 $143 and Suspension
Q. Will I be charged for alarm activations that are not false?

No, you will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false. This ordinance allows charges for false alarms only. 

Q. If I am assessed a fine/fee, can I pay online?

Yes, you can pay for any fees due on your account via this website by clicking on the home tab and logging in with credentials initiated by CitySupport and secured by the alarm user. 


Q. If I disagree with an assessed fee, can I appeal?

The Alarm User may appeal an assessment of a false alarm fine to the Alarm Administrator. The Alarm User may do so by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal within thirty (30) days of the notice date. A decision will be rendered in writing.

Be sure to include the following with your appeal:

⦁ Your name

⦁ Your email address (if applicable)

⦁ The alarm location

⦁ Date of the false alarm

⦁ Your permit number

⦁ Reasons for the appeal

⦁ Any supporting evidence (ex. call log from your alarm monitoring company for that date & time).  

Appeals can be emailed to:

Or, mailed to: City of Pleasant Hill - Alarm Unit  PO BOX 6112  CONCORD, CA 94524

Additional Questions can be addressed by contacting us at 888-865-9770

Q. If I disagree with the Alarm Administrator’s or his/her designee’s appeal finding, can I appeal that decision?

The decision of the alarm administrator is final.

Q. What will happen if I do not pay the alarm fines?

Failure to pay the fees/fines within 30 days can result in suspended police response to a location.

Q. I received duplicate alarm invoices at my address; what can I do?

If you received a duplicate alarm invoice, please email us at; give us your street address and let us know you received a duplicate invoice(s) and we will delete the incorrect invoice. Or contact us by phone at 925-718-1090 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Q. Where can I read or obtain a copy of the ordinance?

The alarm ordinance is posted online on this website:  Pleasant Hill, CA Alarm Ordinance

Q. Who can I call if I have additional questions or comments?

We can be reached at 925-718-1090  Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or you can email any questions to